Safety & Disaster Preparedness


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Police/Neighborhood Watch

We all want a safe neighborhood.  Be sure to keep a watch and report any suspicious activity to the Annapolis Police at 410-268-4141.  

City of Annapolis Police Chief: Edward Jackson

Police Department >

There a few things that each of us can do help keep Eastport safe:

  • ​Don't hesitate to report suspicious activity to APD either to 911 in emergencies or to the non-emergency number 410-268-4141.
  • Lock you car and house doors, and turn on your alarms if you have them.  You'd be surprised how many people don't employe these simple security measures and how many crimes could be prevented if they did.
  • If you don't already have a security camera such as Nest, Kuna, etc. consider installing one that faces the street.  You camera may not only deter crime, but could also help identify suspects and provide important services. 

Fire Department

The Eastport Fire House is located at 914 Bay Ridge Avenue, near the Eastport Shopping Center. This station of the Annapolis Fire Department serves the Eastport community.  Tel:  410-263-6133.

City of Annapolis Fire Chief:  Douglas Remaley  

Fire Department >

Disaster Preparedness

Be prepared for emergencies due to natural or man-made disasters.  Have supplies and a family communications plan.  

City of Annapolis Emergency Management Office Chief:  Kevin Simmons

Emergency Management Office >

Useful Links:  

American Red Cross,

Anne Arundel Office of Emergency Management

BGE,, report an outage, a downed tree, check outage status

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA),

Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA),

Build Your Disaster Kit

Create a Plan for You and Your Family

Pet & Animal Emergency Planning