Annapolis is governed  by a City Council composed of the Mayor and eight aldermen. The Mayor serves a four-year term and oversees the running of the city government. The Mayor is limited to two four-year terms. Eight Alderman are elected to four-year terms and are not term-limited. Most of Eastport is in Ward 8. See the Ward 8 map (PDF).    

The Council usually meets on the second Monday of the month for its Regular Meeting at 7:30 PM, and the fourth Monday of the month for its Special Meeting at 7 PM in the City Council Chambers, City Hall, Second Floor, 160 Duke of Glouchester Street, Annapolis, MD, 21401.  Additionally, the Council holds work sessions the third Thursday of each month at 1:15 PM in City Council Chambers.


Council agendas are generally posted about five days prior to the hearing. City Council meetings are generally televised live and re-run at a latter date. The meetings can be viewed on channel 99/100 for Comcast subscribers and channel 34 for all Verizon subscribers. 

See the City organizational chart and the list of departments.

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Anne Arundel County

Anne Arundel Couty has a charter form of government that includes a legislative branch known as County Council and executive branch headed by the County Executive. Anne Arundel County is divided into seven districts, each represented by a County Councilman. The Council has exclusive power to enact, repeal, and amend all public local laws. The County Executive has veto power on most legislation. Eastport is in District 6.

County Executive: Steve Schuh

District 6 County Councilman: Chris Trumbauer                                                                                                       

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State Legislature

The General Assembly is Maryland's legislative body & directly represents the electorate 47 districts.  Eastport is in District 30.  We are represented by one State Senator and three State Delegates:   

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Maryland Legislature Website

Maryland State Government Website

John Astle, Senator

Mayor Gavin Buckley -

Ward 8 Aldermam Ross Armett -



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U.S. Congress

Eastport is part of the Maryland's 3rd Congressional District.

Senator John Astle

Michael Busch, Delegate &

Speaker of the House