EASTPORT PARKING and mobility work group

The following is a summary of the mission statement and progress to date of the Working Group. I am sending this to the ECA Board for discussion this evening at our Board Meeting for publication in our Newsletter,FB page and Website: 

The Eastport Parking and Mobility Work Group was formed through the joint efforts of the ECA and the EBA. The eleven members represent a cross-section of the resident and business communities in Eastport. 

Mission Statement
The Eastport Parking & Mobility Working Group was formed to research,
identify, and recommend potential solutions for managed parking and
increased equitable transportation to serve citizens, businesses, and visitors
in Eastport. This group will:
* Ensure that meaningful citizen and business input will be solicited
from the diverse neighborhoods and businesses throughout Eastport.
* Review all relevant data and engage with consulting services from the
City of Annapolis.
* Provide a written final summary of recommendation(s) to be published to
the citizens and business community and elected city officials and

To date the Work Group has:
Collected and reviewed data from the City related to parking and mobility issues in Eastport. This included, but was not limited to no less than four studies conducted between 1990 and 2018.  Although the studies generally point to the same problems, very few recommendations were ever implemented. 

The Work Group conducted a web based questionnaire regarding information and issues related to parking and mobility problems in Eastport. Over 220 people responded and the questionnaire was translated into Spanish for continued distribution in the Hispanic communities. 
The Work Group has participated in two meetings/work sessions with the City Manager and SP+ that manages parking enforcement and strategies for the City. In addition the Work Group has received information about new technology and app based systems that might be applied in Eastport.

The Work Group has identified the primary stakeholders for future solutions as residents, Eastport businesses and their employees. 
In the most recent meeting of the Work Group and the City it was agreed that a necessary first step toward evaluating possible remedies was immediate enhanced enforcement of existing parking regulations. This has started now with increased SP+ patrols and enforcement on the Eastport peninsula.   Under the new approach, enforcement vehicles will be patrolling the streets of Eastport on a regular basis, looking for infractions including (but not limited to):
                1              Red Curbs
                2              Blocked Driveways
                3              Fire Hydrants 
                4              Loading Zones
                5              Wrong side of street
                6              Too far from the curb

The ECA and the EBA will assist the City in publicising the enhanced enforcement effort. 
Enhanced enforcement will continue in three increasingly intensive phases until July. During this enhanced enforcement effort the Work Group will continue to meet and evaluate data in order to establish a new baseline for additional parking and mobility recommendations. 


Eastport Parking Study, prepared by the Eastport Parking Taskforce, October 11, 2018. View presentation > 

                                                                           View full report >

Annapolis City Manager Response to Eastport Parking Study, December 3, 2018View response >.

Eastport Transportation Report, 2016 

Eastport Transportation Recomendations, 2016

​​The Annapolis City Government implement the Eastport Parking Taskforce
​Recommendation #1 - Install signage pointing to public parking at the Annapolis City Marina