Planning and Major Committee purpose is to inform and empower the members of the Eastport Civic Association (ECA) to better understand and address the nature and impact of current and future major development in Eastport.  This Committee will communicate with the City's Planning and Zoning Department and other city agencies, citizens of Eastport, developers, relevant experts, advocacy groups and business owners regarding the scope, nature, and impact of major developments.  As part of its activities, the Committee may review and comment on existing and future infrastructure (e.g. roads, traffic, schools, open space) in Eastport and possible effects of current, proposed, and possible development on the adequacy of such infrastructure in the future.

On February 19, 2019, we sent a letter to the Mayor and members of City Councilnoting ECA’s objections to the formal adoption of the Forest Drive Sector Study .  As a result of this and other efforts, the Sector Study was remanded to the Planning Commission for further review.

ECA has been instrumental in the formation of a Citizens Coalition of Civic Organizations along the Forest Drive- Eastport corridor.  This coalition is now formed (see  coalition charter).  ​One of the first tasks of the Citizens Coalition, was to marshal support for a City Resolution forming a Citizen/Government multijurisdictional Task Force to review Traffic/Development issues along the Forest Drive corridor. (Coalition letter to elected officials).

Major Developments regarding the 2020 Comprehensive Plan for the City of Annapolis.

In preparation for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, the City just released a copy of a consultant report for economic, marketing projections for Annapolis. For more info, visit

Major Developments in Eastport 

Here's the link to the City of Annapolis Planning and Zoning major developments tracking.

ECA Letter to Mayor Buckley, Director of Planning and Zoning Sally Nash, Chair of the Planning Commission  Robert Waldman  regarding the Eastport Landing Project traffic and mobility issues.  

City's Response  from ECA Letter


ECA Letter to the City Council - Property Tax Increase
​The Eastport Civic Association (ECA) strongly opposes the City’s intention to override the mandated constant yield tax rate which effectively raises residents’ real property taxes by 3% for the tax year beginning July 1, 2020. ID-141-20 should be withdrawn. Click here to view the ECA letter. 

ECA Letter to the City Council - Accessory Dwelling Units
The ECA opposes the Ordinance 0-39-19 (ADUs) in its current form. The ordinance should be withdrawn until further study can be conducted and a greater opportunity for public comment. Click here to view the ECA letter.  

ECA Letter to the City Council - Waterfront Mixed Martime Zoning
The ECA opposes the Ordinance O-15-20 (WWW) in its current form.  The ordinance should be withdrawn and removed from the Planning Commission agenda, until further study can be conducted.  The public must be given the opportunity to be educated about and the opportunity to give in put on the ordinance.  Click here to view the ECA letter. 

​ECA Letter to City Officials, Council Members and Planning Commission Members
The ECA Board of Directors sent a letter with suggestions about the City's planning for recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic relative to work on current and new development to Mayor Buckley, Ms. Smith, Director Jarrell, Dr. Nash, Council Members, and the Planning Commission Members. Click here to view the ECA letter.​​


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Committee Members:

Bill Reichhardt, Chair

Peter Bittner

Ed Frietag

Vic Pascoe

Erik Pilka

Greg Walker

Jackie Wells

Jim Wildey

​The committee meets every 3 weeks.  

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