Committee Members:

Peter Bittner, Chair

Ed Frietag

Vic Pascoe

Erik Pilka

Greg Walker

Jackie Wells

Jim Wildey

​The committee meets every 3 weeks.  

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The Planning and Major Development Committee was established to monitor the impact of current and future development in Eastport. The committee reviews the nature and scope of major developments in our community, including factors such as the projects’ scale and its impact on public infrastructure (e.g. parking, roads and bike lanes, schools, parks). P&MD is a member of the Citizen’s Coalition, which includes the Greater Parole Community Association, the Bay Ridge and Hillsmere Homeowners’ Associations and ECA. The Coalition advocates on issues concerning mobility and traffic/pedestrian/biking safety on behalf of Annapolis and neighboring County residents. 

The committee has a close working relationship with the City’s Division of Comprehensive Planning, which is the office is responsible for long term planning. Some examples of the committee’s work follow below.  

1. Annapolis Ahead 2040 (the City’s 20 year Comprehensive Plan). P&MD has reviewed early drafts of this plan and provided extensive comments to the City. A final draft version of this long term plan is to be released in April. Of note is that the plan will include a recommendation to adopt a form-based zoning approach to new development in selected areas of the city. Form-based zoning focuses more on the height, mass and scale in contrast to current city zoning which is based more on land use. 

Update on The Lofts at Eastport Landing (the Eastport Shopping Center project):
On Monday, May 5th, a written Opinion and Order was issued by Judge Vitale at the Circuit Court on the appeal of the decision by the Board of Appeals.  The judge overturned the Board of Appeals as to the public facilities for Non-Auto Transportation and Public Recreation Space and found that the elements in the Mitigation Plan for those areas satisfied the Code requirements.  However, the judge found that the elements in the Mitigation Plan for the areas of Police, Traffic, and Stormwater Management were not sufficient and did not meet the requirements in the Code and were not supported by the evidence in the record.  She remanded the case back to the Board of Appeals -- who will, in turn, remand it back to the Planning and Zoning Department -- for further action on those three facilities.  The developers have 30 days to appeal this decision to the Court of Special Appeals should they wish to take it up for further review.  

3.  Implement recommendations from the Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study. There are on-going issues of traffic and pedestrian/biking safety. The City, County and State are coordinating on a study to examine mobility issues associated with the Chinquapin Round Road intersection, including Aris T Allen, Forest Dr, and other streets in Ward 3.  

4.  Maritime Zoning Ordinance O-25-20. This ordinance was passed, but amended to require the Planning & Zoning Office to reopen the initiative to consider benefits and impact at small maritime properties on Spa and Back Creeks in the next six months (e.g. SAYC, Horn Point Marina, North Sails, Eastport Yacht Center).  
Griscom Square. Proposed single family houses at Bay Ridge and Tyler. This intersection currently has lengthy delays for vehicles travelling through the signal light when traffic is heavy.   

The committee welcomes new members. If you are interested in participating in the committee’s work, please email 

Major Developments regarding the 2020 Comprehensive Plan for the City of Annapolis.

In preparation for the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, the City just released a copy of a consultant report for economic, marketing projections for Annapolis. For more info, visit

Major Developments in Eastport 

Here's the link to the City of Annapolis Planning and Zoning major developments tracking.


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