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ECA GrantS Guidelines

** Grant application deadline is March 15.**

Eastport Civic Association's Grant Program supports organizations that improve the quality of life for the residents of Eastport. ECA invites proposals from nonprofits and individuals supporting the projects and causes in four broad areas: education, the environment, general welfare and civic life.

​If you submit a grant request to work with or on behalf of another organization, you must submit a letter or support from that organization with your application.

Grants awarded to any organization or project will not exceed an annual maximum of $2,500.

ECA gives priority to proposals that:

  • Best meet ECA's mission (see below)
  • Address an important need in Eastport
  • Are financially viable and maximize the impact of ECA funds in the community
  • Provide evidence of support from and/or experience working with the targeted population
  • Engage in collaboration/partnerships to maximize impact
  • Demonstrate strong organizational capacity
  • Describe and deliver measurable outcomes​

Application Process:

  • Grant applications will be reviewed two times during the year
  • Applications are due March 15 or September 15
  • Requests must be submitted on ECA's grant application
  • Current grantees must include a summary of outcome from the prior grant
  • Submit applications to Grants@EastportCivic.org

Qualified applicants must state they are a non-profit or are not seeking personal gain, regardless of Federal or State tax standing or determination.

Eastport Civic Association Mission Statement

The purposes of the Association are to safeguard the residential and maritime quality of the area defined in Article lll of these bylaws, to promote, improve, and protect the general welfare of the said area, and to engage in any activities that promote and improve the civic life of the community.