Home & Garden Tour

Sunday, June 12, 2016


(Rain or Shine)

please go to 203 CHESAPEAKE AVE.


This year's Home & Garden Tour features 10 beautiful homes and you won't want to miss it!  Right in the heart of the Eastport peninsula, around Second and Third Streets, you'll enjoy these incredible hidden gems and tiny treasures as you spend the afternoon soaking up the beauty and character of this historic neighborhood.

For the past 11 years, neighbors and out-of-towners mark their calendars for the Eastport Home and Garden Tour. This year celebrates the eleventh anniversary of this entertaining walk through well-appointed, sometimes historic, and always comfortable homes and gardens of the residents of Eastport.

The tour is a great opportunity to experience the rich culture that makes up Eastport’s eclectic neighborhoods. Tucked away on the south side of Annapolis on “the proper side” of the Spa Creek Bridge lies the Maritime Republic of Eastport. Known for their quirky independence and family-friendly atmosphere, residents of Eastport are fiercely proud of the old-time charm found in their neighborhood homes and especially the English-style gardens that are tucked away in many backyards.

Eastport boasts a variety of home styles including watermen’s cottages built in the 1930s when streets were paved with oyster shells. On the outer peninsula, you’ll also find traditional farmhouses next to renovated craftsman-style homes. Almost all Eastport bungalows sport the classic sitting porch making it easy to visit with neighbors new and old. Simple and luxurious meet up in a surprising fusion of charm where the residents are quick to chant the Eastport motto, “We like it this way!”

Evidence of water activities is everywhere in Eastport. Peak behind a garden wall or down a hidden drive and you’ll certainly spy a kayak or small boat. The water is never more than a few blocks away and access is easy from the many street-end parks and marinas. Known as a maritime business district most of Eastport’s businesses are intertwined with the Chesapeake Bay.

The highlight of the Annual Eastport Home and Garden Tour is the beautiful gardens in full bloom during the June event. Take notice of the calming spaces, lattice trellises, and unique yard art as you amble through the gardens. Enjoy the smell of cherry, apple, camellia, dogwood, crepe myrtle, and redbud trees. Notice the hardy hosta, creeping jenny, purple columbine, lambs ear, and sedum as ground cover. If you enter quietly, you may even surprise a family of ducks that are ubiquitous with living by the water.

Proceeds from the tour are donated by the Eastport Civic Association to local organizations and projects including the Eastport Elementary School, Seeds 4 Success, GreenScape, Annapolis Police Department’s fishing camp for at-risk kids, Eastport Volunteer Fire Department, Annapolis Drum & Bugle Corps, and Eastport churches’ community activities.

For more information, contact Holly Foster.

Highlights of 2015 Tour

The 2015 Eastport Home & Garden Tour was a terrific success!  The 10th Annual Home & Garden Tour featured properties on Lockwood Court and Creek Drive along Spa Creek.  ECA extends its thanks to the seven owners who opened their fabulous homes and spectacular gardens for this year's tour. Click here for photos.

"We sold well over 400 tickets," according to Marcia Marshall, chair of this year's tour.  "And the comments from visitors on the tour were very positive.  Folks really liked this year's selection of homes."  The program for the tour featured aerial photographs by Mark Duehmig and was highlighted with watercolor illustrations by local painter Merrilynne Hendrickson, a neighbor on Lockwood Court.   Dawne Widener-Burrows spearheaded a record-setting advertising campaign. Be sure to use your Resource Guide when looking for area service professionals; each of the companies in the guide was recommended for inclusion by an ECA member, tour homeowner or Home & Garden Tour committee member.

This year's event was also successful for engaging a large group of volunteers.  More than 50 people participated as docents under the leadership of Marie King.  Another 20 people helped at the registration desk, led by John McLeod, and on the tour planning committee including interviewing and writing the home descriptions in the tour program and marketing outreach,

Thank you to all who volunteered and supported the tour.   Proceeds from ECA's Home & Garden Tour will support programs to benefit the Eastport community next year.