• We will work in groups, one day per week, for about an hour cleaning a different block in Eastport from curb to curb.
  • First, we'll ask neighbors to move cars off the block, then we will close off the street for about an hour, and we will sweep, pull weeds, paint red curbs as needed, pick up trash, and note broken curbs or sidewalks and report them to the City. 
  • We will go block by block all spring, summer, and fall as long as we have enough volunteers. Kids can help too.


NeatStreets is here! You will soon be seeing more info about a new, fun way to volunteer and help your community for just an hour per week when the weather warms up!

Here's how it works:

More details to come, but to sign up, send your name, address and

phone number to neatstreets@eastportcivic.org.
The more volunteers we get, the easier, faster and more fun it will be! 

You do not need to commit to each week... but we'd like to get 100 or so people that we can count on so sign up now.

Donations to the Eastport NeatStreets program are most welcome!


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