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ECA Grant Recipients

The ECA Grants Committee uses the ECA mission statement and grant guidelines as a basis for making their recommendations. The next great deadline is March 15, 2019.

Grant award funds are made available through the generosity of our membership and from the proceeds from the Home and Garden tour.


The ECA awarded grants totaling $7,395 in the Fall of 2018. The organizations that received the grants are:

  1. Annapolis Maritime Museum - $500 to fund gangway building and personal device storage units for the Skipjack Wilma Lee
  2. S.T.A.I.R. - $760 for materials for the Eastport Community Center program
  3. Seeds4Success - $1,500 toward program costs for the Academic and Career Exploration Club for low income high school students
  4. St. Luke's Episcopal Church - $2,500 for plantings along the trails that are part of the filtration system for stormwater management
  5. Eastport Elementary School - $1,635 for new curtains in the gym/auditorium
  6. Family Night Partners - $500 for family night dinners at Eastport Terrace/Harbor House

The ECA awarded grants totaling $9,350 in the Spring of 2018. The organizations that received the grants are:

  1. Annapolis Police Department - $1,000 for summer camp programs
  2. Family Night Partners - $500 for family night dinners are Eastport Terrace/Harbor House
  3. Seeds4 Success - $1,000 for Eastport Boys club collaborative summer programming
  4. Box of Rain - $1,500 part-time master’s level mentor coordinator to support New Navigating Futures mentoring program
  5. Eastport Volunteer Fire Company - $1,000 toward the purchase of new equipment (hook and ladder truck)
  6. S.T.A.I.R. - $1,000 Materials for summer reading enrichment program
  7. Annapolis Maritime Museum and Park - $2,000 for an exhibit on maritime history and heritage
  8. Eastport Elementary School - $1,350 to send 4 students to summer camp at Arlington Echo

Other ECA Contributions to the Community
• Annapolis Police Officer in Need fund ($100)
• Creating Communities ($500) toward Thanksgiving celebration
• Eastport Methodist Church ($100) donation for use of room
• Eastport Skipjacks ($100) toward uniforms
• Eastport Terrace/Harbor House Unity Day ($100)
• Eastport Working Together ($150) donation for food for meetings
• Eastport 150th ($3000) contribution towards the mural depicting Eastport's history - located at 222 Severn Complex (where the MRE Tug of War is held)
• Gazette Employee Fund ($500) 
• Severn River Association ($55) membership dues
• Mt. Zion Winter Relief Program ($300)   


The ECA awarded 8 grants - a total of $9,025 - to local community organizations in the Spring 2017 awards cycle.  All of the requests submitted were from organizations doing very good work. The ECA Grants Committee, chaired by Debra Dillon, recommended and the Board approved the following awards:

  1. Annapolis Maritime Museum - $1,500 in support of Tides and Tunes Summer Concert Series
  2. Back Creek Conservancy - $735 to cover the cost of USCG gear for the Conservancy’s launch
  3. Box of Rain - $2,500 in support of a Program Outreach Assistant position that provides employment and training to a Box of Rain teen
  4. Center of Help (Centro de Ayuda) - $1,000 for work to provide assistance to low income Hispanic/ Latino families living in Eastport
  5. Eastport Elementary - $1,300 to send four students to Arlington Echo Summer Camp, a week long residential camp
  6. Eastport Volunteer Fire Co. - $1,000 toward payment to retire debt used to purchase the Advanced Life Support Medic Unit in 2016
  7. Seeds4Success - $750 to cover the cost of staff supervision to coordinate Seeds4Sucess students attending a summer program at the Anne Arundel County library
  8. S.T.A.I.R. (Start the Adventure in Reading) - $240 for education materials and backpacks to be awarded to S.T.A.I.R. participants

​The Committee used the grant guidelines and ECA mission statement as a basis for making their decision. The Committee also took into consideration the history of support that ECA had with organizations.  While this relationship does not guarantee funding, the committee did consider the commitment and successful outcomes that organizations had made in Eastport over the years.  The committee also appreciated proposals that provided direct support to individuals living in Eastport. The Committee will have a smaller fall grant cycle. Judith Moore, Karen Jennings, Rita Ormasa, Hugh Bernard, and Debra Dillon are the members of the Grants Committee.

 The Grant award money is made available by memberships in ECA and money raised by the House and Garden Tour.