​​​​This committee works with the City's Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Department and other City agencies on the architectural aspects and zoning considerations of proposed new and renovation projects in the Eastport Conservation District (R2NC). Its purview includes architectural aspects of development that affect the character, and quality of the Eastport community, including the Residential Conservation Overlay, and the Eastport Gateway Ordinance.  The Committee is not a regulatory decision-making entity. We provide comments to the City of Annapolis P & Z Department when they send us plans to review. 

Property Owners:  If you are seeking guidance in planning new construction or alternations to existing structures and wish to meet with the A&Z Committee, please contact 

Anyone thinking about renovating a home in the R2NC should consult the City of Annapolis P & Z Department's "Eastport Guide to the Design Review Process", which can be found here.  The review process is conducted and decided by City's P & Z Department.  They offer guidance to the property owners about requirements of the City Code in advance of filing applications.  You can reach the City's P & Z Department at 410-263-7961.

Projects Currently Under Review

May 2020 - The virtual May A&Z Committee Meeting was scheduled for 5/14/20. The Committee reviewed 6 plans (summary of applicants’ proposals, with respective A&Z comments letters, are listed below):

1. 509 First Street (RNC2020-009) - Removal of the existing rear deck and construction of a 15' deep by 28’ wide (420 SF) 1-story family room addition to the rear of the existing single family 1.5-story 1,540 SF house built in 1960. 

2. 605 Creek View Avenue (RNC2020-011) - Renovation of the existing front porch, replacement of non‐functional gas fireplaces, adding a foundation below the floating fireplace bays, and adding windows to the waterfront façade, all within the current footprint of the existing single family 2-story 4,172 SF house built in 2001.

3. 105 Chester Avenue(RNC2020-006) - 1-story rear addition to the existing 2-story house built in 1920 (removing an existing rear deck and replacing it with a bump-out of the kitchen/powder room walls, and a new screened porch with new decking material, within the current deck’s footprint, resulting in a 1,446 SF house with the existing 36% impervious area).

4. 613 Chester Avenue(RNC2020-002) - Demolition of the existing 924 SF 1-story single-family house built in 1946 and existing accessory structure (shed), and for construction of a new replacement 2-story single family house.
5. 413 Third Street(RNC2020-010) -Modification of the existing garage by replacing the roof and siding, and increasing the height of the garage by 4’4” with a change in the roof’s slope to allow for an attic area of unconditioned storage, all within the existing garage footprint, and to build a new detached shed at the rear of the lot. 
6. 308 State Street, Phase II(RNC2018-019) -Resubmitted application and plans for demolition of the remainder of the existing single-family house built in 1920, and for construction of a new replacement house.

2020 Meeting Dates

Monthly meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6 PM (unless cancelled because no applications or plans have been submitted for review/comment). If interested in attending a meeting, email Chair at architecture@eastportcivic.org for that month's location

June meeting is cancelled since P&Z did not send any plans to the committee.

July meeting is scheduled for July 9, 2020.

2020 Committee Members

Jackie Wells (Chair)
John Benton

Judy Billage

Craig Martin
Eric Pilka
Nicole Rauzi
Joyce Roper
Pat Shaughnessy
Turner Tripp
​Leo Wilson


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