Eastport Civic Association
P.O. Box 3539
Annapolis, MD 21403
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Step 1: Fill out
Membership Application

Step ​2: Pay via PayPal or Credit Card

Step 3: Make a donation to ECA's Worthy Causes

Step 4: ​If you want show support of frontline heroes, you can purchase yard signs or bumper sticker


ECA Dues Levels

Individuals - $25

Couples - $35  

​Associate* - $25

​*Associate Membership is open to individuals residing outside the ECA boundaries.

tell your neighbors About the Great Things the ECA Does and the  Benefits You ​ Receive.  

Ask them to join!.

How to


Pay by Check

Step 1: Fill out Membership Application

Step 2: Print & mail completed form along with your check payable to Eastport Civic Association to:

Eastport Civic Association

P.O. Box 3539

Annapolis, MD 21403 

Who Can Join?

Membership in the Eastport Civic Association is open to individuals who reside within the Eastport Civic Association Map.  Residency includes both homeowners and renters. Associate membership is available to residents who live outside the Eastport Civic Association Map.  

Reasons to Join

There are many benefits to membership in the Eastport Civic Association.  Here are a few:

  1. Through the collective membership, the Eastport Civic Association has a powerful voice to affect changes in Eastport.

  2. Members are kept informed through regular email messages and general meetings.  Our meetings often feature a city official or news maker, providing direct access to listen, ask questions, and voice your opinion. 

  3. ECA's many committees do great work in the community and provide opportunities to get involved, make a difference, and have fun. 

  4. ECA supports local community organizations with financial grants and promoting volunteer opportunities.

  5. A late summer picnic offers a fun gathering to visit with friends, old and new.  At the picnic, you can thank the police officers and fire fighters who protect and serve our community.