Are you ready to have fun and make your community a better place? ECA members can volunteer in many ways, including joining an ECA committee. Please consider volunteering your time and talents.

Planning and Major Development

This committee focuses on the nature and impact of current and future development in Eastport.  This committee

communicates with the City Department of Planning and Zoning (P&Z) and other city agencies, citizens of Eastport, 

developers, relevant experts, advocacy groups, and business owners regarding the scope, nature and impact of

major development projects.  As part of its activities, the committee may review and comment on existing and future 

infrastructure (e.g. roads, traffic, schools, open space) in Eastport and possible effects of current, proposed and

possible development on the adequacy of such infrastructure in the future.

Committee Chair: Peter Bittner

BEAUTIFication Committee

This Committee focuses on projects that improve the physical appearance of the neighborhood thereby making Eastport a more enjoyable place to live, protecting the environment through planting and the removal of trash and has the potential to increase property values. Community beautification projects such as NeatStreets and Greenscape also bring community members together. 

Committee Chair: Bumper Moyers


The ECA has a Grants program to support organizations that improve the quality of life for residents of Eastport.  The funds supporting these grants are the result of the success of our Eastport Home & Garden Tour and the generosity of our residents.  Click here for the Grant Guidelines and Application. ECA invites proposals from nonprofits and individuals supporting projects and causes in education, the environment, general welfare and civic life. Learn more about the ECA Grants Program.

Committee Chair:  Nancy Briggs


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GreenScape Day 

Financial Review

This  purpose of this committee is to examine the Association's accounts and report to the members at the Annual Meeting. The committee consists of three non-board ECA members selected by the Board.  

Committee Members: TBD


This committee engages in activities to intended to improve the general safety of the Eastport community. The members of the committee work with the police and other city authorities to pursue best safety practices, coordinate the Neighborhood Watch Program, and share information with the members.

Committee Chair:  Andre Atkins and Babe Feldman


This committee solicits, interviews, and proposes a slate of nominees to fill vacancies on the ECA Board of Directors and the slate of officers for the upcoming year. 

This committee is composed of three members, one of whom is selected from the current Board and two of whom are current ECA members. The General membership approves the selection of Committee members at the Annual Meeting.

Committee Chair:  TBD


This committee engages in activities to recruit new ECA members and to retain existing ECA members. These activities include membership drives, members' satisfaction surveys, and volunteer engagement.  This committee is looking for people who have database management expertise, design & writing skills, or just interested in helping on membership drives. 

Committee Chair: Vic Pascoe

Architecture & Zoning

This committee works with the City's Planning and Zoning (P&Z) Department and other City agencies on the architectural aspects and zoning considerations of proposed new and renovation projects in the Eastport Conservation District. Its purview includes architectural aspects of development that affect the character, and quality of the Eastport community, including the Residential Conservation Overlay, and the Eastport Gateway Ordinance. 

Committee Chair:  Jackie Wells

Property Owners: If you are seeking guidance in planning new construction or alternations to existing structures and wish to meet with the A&Z Committee, please contact Anyone thinking about renovating their home in Eastport should consult " Eastport Guide to the Design Review Process" which can be found here.


As Eastport is surrounded on three sides by water, this Committee works to improve the environmental quality of the neighborhood and awareness of its residents. We work on a range of neighborhood environmental projects, network with other environmental organizations and write informative articles for the ECA newsletter.

Committee Chair: Diane Butler and Barbara Beelar


This Committee focuses on the external communications for the ECA, which includes the website, quarterly newsletter, bi-weekly emails, and other communication initiatives.

Enewsletter/Email:  Marie King

Website and Social Media CommunicationsRita Ormasa

If you have a news item or an event that takes place in Eastport, please email information to

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