Spring 2020 Grants Awarded:

  • ​Annapolis Maritime Museum grant of $750 for restoring four Chesapeake workboat models for the new permanent exhibition "Our Changing Waterfront"
  • Charting Careers award of $1,000 for the costs associated with providing tutors and mentors for middle school studies to determine their needs and provide applicable goods and services
  • Eastport Elementary grant of $2,250 for two basketball hoops for the new basketball court for use by students and the Eastport Community
  • ​Seeds 4 Success award of $2,000 for backpacks and school supplies for the fall season.
  • Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR) grant of $1,500 for materials, books, and supplies for tutoring/reading buddies program.

ECA Grants Program

The Eastport Civic Association Grants program has been set up to support organizations that improve the quality of life for residents of Eastport. The funds supporting these grants are the result of the success of our Eastport Home & Garden Tour and the generosity of our residents. It is incumbent on us as stewards of these funds that they be dispersed in a professional manner.

If you are interested, apply for an ECA Grant using the online application form. The process is simple. Your application should be thorough and thoughtful. We ask that you tell your story and describe how your program or initiative will benefit the residents and neighbors in our community. If you've received a grant in the past, your application should report on the results of ECA's prior grant award.

This year will we only only have one grant cycle - Spring 2021.  There will be no Fall grant cycle in 2021.

Please note that there is an annual $2,500 funding maximum to any one organization.

If you have questions, please send an email to 

Applicants will be notified in a timely manner once a decision is made.

Grant Committee Members
Nancy Briggs, Chair

Judy Billage

Judy Buddensick

Rita Ormasa

​Debbie Heibein Rankin



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