Parking in Annapolis can be hard to find, but placing objects on a public street to reserve a parking spot is illegal without a permit. Parking enforcement officers will remove cones found in the street.  The phone number to contact SP+ for parking enforcement and removal of cones is 615-982-4132.  Police officers will also be removing cones found in the roadway.

People who have reserved on street handicapped parking spots can place cones in that space when it is unoccupied.  Reserved on street handicap parking is noted by a posted sign that includes the handicap permit number allowed to use that space.


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Parking in Eastport can sometimes be a challenge, especially during holidays, special events, and inclement weather. Be aware of upcoming events and plan accordingly. Listed below are just some special days that could affect parking.

​Information about special parking restrictions and traffic problems can be found in the City of Annapolis News Releases and City of Annapolis Facebook page.

Parking in Eastport

Snow Emergency Routes

Parked cars are one of the biggest challenges for city snow crews. Park your cars in driveways and off public streets so plows can clear as much snow as possible.

​Information about emergency snow routes can be found on the City of Annapolis website.

City of Annapolis Parking and Traffic Laws

Regulations regarding vehicles and traffic can be found in the City of Annapolis Code of Ordinances, Title 12.