The Grant Committee awarded to 7 grants to the nonprofit organizations totaling $8,000:

  1. Annapolis Area Imagination Library: $500
    to provide books for early childhood literacy to low income in Eastport and whose language in not English

  2. Creating Communities:$1,500
    after school program with collaboration with teachers to provide weekly arts and stem activities ties to school curriculum for the low income students in Eastport.

  3. Eastport Methodist Church: $1,000
    to provide backpacks for 250 students in low income students in Eastport.

  4. Eastport Volunteer Fire Department: $500
    to upgrade the electrical system.

  5. Seeds4Success: $1500
    to provide summer tutoring and mentoring with books and materials to implement curricula to literacy and math skills.
  6. Start the Adventure in Reading (STAIR): $2000
    to provide trained tutors to provide after-school instructions
    to 2nd graders with basic reading skills.

  7. The Live Water Foundation: $1000
    to provide water safety, swimming, paddle boarding, and kayaking to low income students in Eastport.

Picnic, Thursday, Aug. 18

​Membership Meeting, Sept. 15

Annual Meeting, Nov. 17 

ECA Picnic
​Thursday, Aug. 18, 6-8 PM
Safe Harbor, 516 Chester Avenue

​The ECA is looking forward to to this year's annual picnic. Adam's Rib is providing the BBQ and sides. Beer and wine are supplies by Eastport Liquor. Soda, water, and dessert will be served.

The cost of a ticket is $25 each (Children age 12 and under get in free)

ECA Picnic


Financial budget for the City

The report from the City of Annapolis Financial Advisory Commission has been issued.

You Ask, We Answer: Live chat on the  Annapolis City website.


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AN EasTport Welcome

The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.

Update on City Legislation ECA is Following

R-22-22 - Pilot Program to Study Commercial Outdoor Dining in Privately Owned Parking Lots: Resolution passed for a pilot of outdoor dining in off-street parking lots to allow time for changes to the many portions of the Code that need to be addressed before off-street parking requirements are eliminated to use for outdoor dining and/or in-fill development. These changes include ADA accessibility, whether added capacity is permitted with associated health and safety issues, accessory structure/tent permits, closing times and other noise abatement/buffers, enforcement by the City, exemption of Waterfront Maritime Zones, etc.). Resolution requires a City study of the impact on parking displacement, and a statement that O-9-22 (if passed) would be held in abeyance until the end of the pilot. ECA believes that the Code changes/enforcement are essential for Eastport. Amended on 4/11/22 to add a fee-in-lieu of reduced or zero parking requirements, if an Applicant makes such a request, throughout the duration of the study period, and that the pilot will end in 60 days.

*O-9-22 - Off-Street Parking Requirements Food Establishments: Proposed ordinance to eliminate off-street parking requirements for restaurants, bars and social clubs, which will allow the parking spaces’ use for outdoor dining and/or in-fill development. ECA testimony has been prepared for the Planning Commission addressing the many omissions in the proposed ordinance, including changes to other portions of the Code that need to be addressed (see examples in R-22-22 above), and that any application should be prospective. The sponsor has twice requested that O-9-22 be postponed from the Planning Commission’s agenda.  
*O-11-22 - Standards Restaurants - B1 District Special Exceptions: Proposed ordinance to move B1 restaurants into B2 section of the Code, to allow bars to serve alcohol without food, dancing and live entertainment, extended hours, and rooftop dining (B1 zones are all in Wards 2, 5 and 8 - in Ward 8, B1 is Chester Ave/Davis Pub, Bay Ridge Ave/Vin 909, and 6th St/former BB&T site). ECA believes that some Code changes/enforcement are essential for Eastport.

*O-13-22 - Sidewalk Café – Proposed ordinance adds to the definition of "Sidewalk Café" any area situated on a public sidewalk and as authorized by a lease with the City, any adjoining public street, to include leased on-street parking spaces (“parklets") or other parts of public streets to cause the City Code requirements for sidewalk cafés to apply. This could allow restaurants to lease the use of public sidewalks, on-street parking spaces, or other parts of public streets in Eastport.

O-40-21 - 100% Electric Mobility Ordinance: 

Here is the update for Electric Mobility Ordinance

* To express your opinion on any of the proposed ordinances, please email all of the City Council members now - Council members need to hear directly from Eastport residents.

​​​​​​​​ECA Highlights​​

​​Prepare Me Annapolis Mobile App: Notifications of what's affecting the Annapolis area, including severe weather alerts, traffic reports, school & government closings, and more.

Eastport Lofts Apartment

Attorney Heidi Halleck sat down for a 25-minute interview on Zoom to help us understand the status of the Eastport Shopping Center development. She explains the complex back and forth that has taken place since 2018 involving the developer, shopping center owners, and the local residents ("the Petitioners").

​​​City CoNnECTIONs​