Start Using the wells Cove Access Now!

An April 5 ruling by Anne Arundel County District Court Judge Elizabeth S. Morris affirms that the public has the right to access Spa Creek from the path that runs from Boucher Avenue to Wells Cove. Not only can you walk along the path to view the water but you can also launch small watercraft and pull small boats up to the bulkhead.

Many Eastport residents, aside from those who live on the water or keep watercrafts at the marinas, have nowhere to launch kayaks, 

paddle boards, or canoes except Truxton Park and that Maritime Museum. Neither of those sites is in walking distance for many locals. Using Wells Cove is the best way to demonstrate how important this water access is to the community. Please visit this lovely piece of our community and take advantage of the agreement made in 1992 keep access open and public.

This path is hard to see from the road. It's located between two residences at 1006 and 1008 Boucher, across from the intersection of Jefferson (see the diagrams and photo). Although the site is usable as is, improvements are still to come, such as a better ladder, clear signage and landscaping work.

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Senator Gerakd Winegrad to Discuss How We Can Help Our Environment

The Chesapeake Bay faces serious problems, and are constantly bombarded with bad news about environmental threats and climate change. Nutrients, sediment, and chemicals pollutants from, human activities are deposited deposited into and our waterways, harming marine life and threatening human health. Instead of covering our eyes and ears to escape the awful news,  let's learn what we can do help make things better.

Environmentalist  and former State Senator Gerald Winegrad will give practical tips each of us can use in our daily lives to protect our environment. He will also answer our questions,


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