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The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.





President: Vic Pascoe
Vice President: Diane Butler
Treasurer: Debbie Dillon
Secretary: Jackie Wells
Member #1: Judith Billage
Member #2: Daniel Orr
Member #3: Holly Foster
Member #4: Ben Goldeen
Member #5: Pat Shaughnessy
Immediate Past President: Marcia Marshall

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August 23
Annual Picnic
Mears Marina

September 20
Eastport Elementary

November 15
Eastport Elementary


Architecture & Zoning: Ben Goldeen
Communications: Marie King
Eco-Action: Diane Butler
Grants: Deborah Dillon
Home & Garden Tour: Mike Leonard
Membership: Jane Lawrence
Nominating: Being formed
Safety: Daniel Orr

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Eastport Civic Association
P.O. Box 3539
Annapolis, MD 21403
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THE 2018 Eastport Home & Garden Tour


More photos will be posted here shortly.



The Eastport Civic Association and Eastport Business Association have been asked to form a committee to look at parking issues in Eastport. This will include looking at possible solutions, such as parking permits and metered parking. 

The committee will give suggestions to the ECA and EBA boards and Alderman Arnett within the next several months (so it is a limited time commitment). 

We are looking for volunteers who live in Eastport, including residents w Iho live in areas where parking is affected by commercial/retail and maritime business.f you are interested, email Vic Pascoe at


Announcing ECA Grant  Awards
Spring 2018

The ECA awarded grants totaling $9,350 in the Spring of 2018.  The organizations that received the grants are:

  • Annapolis Police Department ($1000) for summer camp programs.
  • Family Night Partners ($500) for family night dinners are Eastport Terrace/Harbor House.
  • Seeds4 Success ($1000) for Eastport Boys club collaborative summer programming.
  • Box of Rain ($1,500) part-time master’s level mentor coordinator to support New Navigating Futures mentoring program.
  • Eastport Volunteer Fire Company ($1,000) toward the purchase of new equipment (hook and ladder truck).
  • S.T.A.I.R. ($1000) Materials for summer reading enrichment program.
  • Annapolis Maritime Museum and Park ($2,000) For an exhibit on maritime history and heritage.
  • Eastport Elementary School ($1,350) to send 4 students to summer camp at Arlington Echo.

The ECA Grants Committee uses the ECA mission statement and grant guidelines as a basis for making their recommendations.  The next great deadline is September 15, 2018.

Grant award funds are made available through the generosity of our membership and from the proceeds from the Home and Garden tour.


In Case Your're Wondering What's Going on with the AYC Property in Eastport

Annapolis Yacht Club reports the following updates with you on the Family Activity Center property (on the West side of the bridge):

  • Permeable paving being installed in parking lot
  • Underground conduit and drainage being completed
  • Stormwater Management Pits being completed
  • Pouring reinforced concrete pad for dumpster
  • Relocating Verizon and Comcast lines from BGE pole on Burnside Street

AYC also thanks Eastport residents for patience and support during construction.


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Documents from March 15, 2018, ECA Meeting

Click here to see Dr. Sally Nash's presentation on the Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study

Click here to see the Draft Cultural Resource Hazard Mitigation Plan


Last chance to pay your ECA Dues

ECA members will soon receive the annual membership letter urging you to renew your membership for 2018.  We would like to see every resident in Eastport join the ECA so as to keep up with community activities and information.  
Dues are $20 per person and $30 per couple. You can renew your membership(s) online here or mail a check to Eastport Civic Association, PO Box 3539, Annapolis, MD 21403


Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study

ECA has joined the Annapolis Neck Peninsula Federation in sending a letter about traffic to the city's Planning & Zoning Department, with a number of attachments. Read the letter here. Links to the attachments are below.

Traffic Impact Analyses

Traffic Impact Analysis of Chesapeake Grove (Rodgers Property)
City Guidelines for Traffic Impact Analysis

Cycle Times: Forest Drive

List of Annapolis Developments


Information about developments on Fourth Street

Adam's Ribs Move to 4th Street
​​On December 5, 2017, the City Board of Appeals held a public hearing on the request for shared parking on property located at 424-428 Fourth Street. The property owners were appealing a decision by the City Planning and Zoning Director Pete Gutwald that denied the request for shared parking. Despite this being advertised as a “Public Hearing,” the members of public in attendance were denied the right to present public testimony and documentation supporting Mr. Gutwald’s decision. The Board of Appeals voted to overturn the decision and therefore allow shared parking with 31 parking spaces for a 77-seat restaurant. Several Eastport residents spoke before the City Council at the January 8 meeting and had a meeting on January 19 with the Mayor, acting City Attorney (at the time) Gary Elson, and the City Manager to express their belief that not allowing testimony was a violation of due process. This week, the Board of Appeals met and voted to reconsider, for the purpose of taking public testimony. According to Mr. Elson, “The motion that was approved to is hear public testimony. The motion allows the Board to reconsider its decision. It does not require that. The decision was not vacated, but it will be reconsidered based on public testimony. The Board members participating would decide whether or not to revise their initial deliberations and original vote based on the public testimony and any rebuttal provided by the applicant.” Information is on the website – search for ADM 2017-003 and APL2017-007.

Update: The Board of Appeals posted its agenda for a meeting on April 16. It lists the reopening of the public hearing on the Adam's Ribs appeal. The agenda is linked here.
Proposed Brewpub on Fourth Street
​There is a proposed brew pub at 418 Fourth Street, the one-story gray building that used to house a marine electronics place. They plan to establish a brewery called “Forward Brewing” with a website of “​​” and expect to start construction this Spring. Gary Schwerzler is the architect. The proposed plan is for the following:

  • 28 – 30 seats, 8-9 parking spaces
  • They plan to encourage patrons to use pedicabs and the water taxi as a means of transportation
  • They would pay for two spots for their employees to park at Annapolis City Marina
  • The building footprint will not be changed but the building will be renovated (not demolished) with a taproom in the front and outdoor tables
  • They plan to serve breakfast starting before 8am and operate six days a week most likely until 10 – 11 p.m.
  • Their food waste will be picked up to be composted, no dumpsters necessary
  • Delivery trucks to use their driveway
  • Water system to be upgraded
  • No fryer, grill or exhaust fan necessary
  • No plans to expand the capacity at a later time, no special exception needed
  • Valet Parking not offered
  • Parking lot not monitored for patrons leaving cars while they head to other local eateries
  • Brewing to take place one or two days a week using a 5 barrel system, growlers/pints available for takeaway


Annapolis Police Department
Community Engagement and Satisfaction Survey

Please the Annapolis Police Department by completing its Community Engagement and Satisfaction Survey. Click on the link:

This survey is independently conducted by IXP Corporation. Your responses to this survey are anonymous, and no one from the Annapolis Police Department or City of Annapolis will know how you personally responded to these questions, or even if you responded at all. No personally identifiable information is collected, and IXP will collect the data and present the findings to the Annapolis Police Department and the City of Annapolis in aggregate form. This survey should take approximately 15 minutes or less to complete. Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. Our folks in blue appreciate your feedback and candid responses to these questions.


eastport shopping center development news

A message from Alderman Ross Arnett: Just a quick message to let you know that the Board of Appeals hearing on the Density Calculation Method [for the Eastport Shopping Center] will be postponed on Jan. 30. The reason for the postponement is that the Shopping center Developers and the concerned Citizens are going to set up a professional negotiation meeting to discuss the mutual advantages of B2 (by right) application as opposed to the current Special Mixed Planned Development application. This time-out has the blessing of the Administration, who have agreed to split the cost of the negotiation, probably something like $5,000. If successful, this process will save both time and dollars. As always, you can reach me at or (443) 745-2901.


Eastport Scavenger Hunt

Come and step into history with this fun, free scavenger hunt in Eastport. It's fun for the whole family. Download this walking guide (PDF) and start hunting!

ECA invites all members to get together for our annual barbecue picnic. Adam's Ribs is providing the BBQ and sides. Beer, wine, sodas and water will be served, together with dessert. The picnic is a fun time to catch up with old and new neighbors and friends!  Police, fire and elected officials from the City are invited.  

Tickets/Reservations: $20 in advance. Online sales will be available here shortly. $25 at the door.  We need to give a count to Adam's Ribs in advance so registration is extremely helpful and strongly urged. Last year, due to the number of people who purchased tickets at the door, we nearly ran out of food!

We need volunteers on half hour shifts. Let us know If you can volunteer to help with setting up, cleaning up, beverage sales or registration.  Email


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