11th Annual
EASTPORT Home and Garden Tour

Sunday, June 12
1-5pm (Rain or Shine)

Come to the Tour Headquarters at 203 Chesapeake Ave to pick up your ticket and program on Sunday, June 12th from 12:30pm - 4:00pm. Parking is available on the streets in the neighborhood.

Eastport traffic survey

What do you think about Eastport traffic?  Visit this page: http://www.annapolis.gov/government/city-departments/planning-and-zoning/eastport-traffic-study.  The eight questions ask about your priorities for pedestrian infrastructure, bus service, parking, bike facilities and more. 

The survey will close June 17

For questions, contact Sally Nash


2016 ECA Meetings & Events

  • ECA General Meeting - Thursday, September 15
  • ECA Annual Meeting - Thursday, November 17
  • Greenscape - Saturday, April 23
  • Home and Garden Tour - Sunday, June 12
  • Annual Membership Picnic - Thursday, August 25

AN EasTport Welcome

The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.


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Alderman’s Notebook

Residents in the Eastport community are understandably frightened, angry and frustrated with the recent increase in crime in our neighborhood and around the City. I share those feelings.

One of my long-standing frustrations has been that addressing the drug-related activities in the city requires a multi-phased approach with different actors and agencies needing to step up to the plate. At the end of the day, unless the drug trade is driven out of the city, the root cause will remain.

For the past year, I have been working with the Mayor and Police Chief on a two-phased approach to the problem – policing and work with the Housing Authority. Encouraging HACA to be a helpful partner in affecting the drug activities has been a long slog that may finally being paying off. More about that below.

On the police front, we recently were promised intensified police presence while the Police try to identify the shooters from the big gun battle. The Chief reports that they have no witnesses or help from the Housing residents and he is now, “looking at the usual suspects.” Meanwhile the police presence has returned to the level of Neighborhood Enforcement Team (NET) and undercover officers that were in place before the April 17rd shooting.

The Chief has identified a source for cameras and specified the number and placement for them. He is awaiting a transfer of funds from the Administration to complete the purchase. He is also working with HACA to get a commitment from them for the annual costs of storage and services.

For the second phase, the Housing Authority has hired a Security Officer whose first and highest priority is to review and strengthen the HACA Security Plan. A more important step is to go from a plan to actual enforcement of that plan.  We await a progress report from newly appointed HACA Executive Director Melvin Colbert.

This spring, the Mayor nominated and the Council approved two new members to the HACA Board of Directors. We all hope the new members and a new Executive Director will help the Board bring more focus to issues surrounding public safety in and around HACA communities. There will be another vacancy on the Board in June and the City staff are working on finding another good person to join the Board of Commissioners. Leadership from the HACA Board is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

A hybrid (and hardest to accomplish piece) of the two-pronged approach of effective policing and strong HACA involvement is developing and administering an effective Banning List. The Chief often when discussing the issue recounts the number of people arrested that would have qualified to be on a more effective Banning List.

For years HACA had an effective Banning Policy, but they were sued by the ACLU, who won a court case that found that the policy was unconstitutional because it had no provision for banned persons to meet with family members living in HACA communities and because there were no provisions for getting off the banning list after a period of good behavior. The City Attorney, Mike Leahy, and Housing Authority Attorney, Alan Hyatt, are meeting soon, possibly with the local ACLU to begin discussions on revising the banning policy to make it stronger.

Like you, I’m frustrated that this effort has taken so long to get going, but that often seems to be the case when working across several organizations. In the end, with a good and enforced banning policy, the Chief feels that crime will go down by as much as 60 percent. Let’s hope so.

Many have asked how soon all of this will happen, and I can only give rough estimates of the timeline. Camera purchase will happen within a month I’m told. The Chief is awaiting a budget transfer from the Administration that may be granted at the next City Council meeting later this month. It will take a few more months after receiving funds until the cameras are all in place.

It is impossible to know when or even if arrests will be made of the shooters. The bad news is that most of the shootings, gunfire and murders are drug-related and part of a battle of warring drug dealers. As we bring pressure on doing drug business in Annapolis, the hope is that the dealers will move elsewhere.

I am trying to set up a meeting with HACA EX Dir. Colbert to walk the Eastport Terrace/Harbor House housing buildings, hopefully this month. I’ve heard disturbing stories about the situation in some buildings and want to see firsthand what is going on.

On the budget side of things, I have offered, and the Finance Community supported, an amendment to the Mayor’s budget to add $350,000 to the police overtime budget. I also offered an amendment to double ($195,000 to $400,000) the Community Grants budget to provide more funding for services that support youth and family services for less privileged persons needing help. These services include counseling of all types, job and life skills training, and job creation programs.

These are all incremental changes and the impact will be slow in coming, but a City/HACA partnership is a change in the way of doing business and hopefully will make a difference in the community.

It is important that you as residents keep up the pressure on me, the Council’s Public Safety Committee, chaired by Alderwoman Finlayson, Mayor and the Law Department, and the Police Chief as we collectively try to address the drug trade in our community. We may once again need to go to the state for help as we did eight years ago. The Mayor is in a good position to make that happen and would have my support and I am sure yours.

Ross Arnett, Alderman, Ward 8

This year's Home & Garden Tour features 10 beautiful homes and you won't want to miss it! Right in the heart of the Eastport peninsula, around Second and Third Streets, you'll enjoy these incredible hidden gems and tiny treasures as you spend the afternoon soaking up the beauty and character of this historic neighborhood. Mark your calendars now for this fantastic event.

Recent Violence in Eastport

The Board held a special meeting Monday, April 25th to discuss the gunfire which occurred on April 17th and damaged homes and cars on President St. and Park Ave. The board agreed that they would put together a letter to City officials, with copies to State elected officials, to remind them of promises made at the emergency community meeting held on April 18th. The letter will also ask for a specific timeline of exactly what the City will be doing and when.  The Board will ask local church leaders, the HACA Resident Association and the new Executive Director of HACA to sign the letter. The goal is to form a strong coalition with local organizations/leaders in order to put pressure on the City to ensure our neighborhood is safe.  Read the letter HERE

The Board has agreed to keep members updated in regards to this ongoing issue.

Report it:  Report street lights out, sidewalks in need of repair, garbage & recycling issues, and more. 


Architecture & Zoning:
  Eric Pilka, Chair
  Susy Smith, Chair
   Diane Butler, Chair

   Deborah Dillon, Chair

Home & Garden Tour:
   Holly Foster, Chair
   Vic Pascoe, Chair
​    Daniel Orr, Chair


The ECA awarded 8 grants - a total of $7100 - to local community organizations in the Spring awards cycle.  All of the requests submitted were from organizations doing very good work.  The Committee used the ECA mission statement and took into consideration the history of support that ECA had given in the past and recognized the importance of community partnerships and the need to give organizations, particularly small organizations, time to search for alternative funding in their deliberations. Requests submitted in the Spring, but not funded, can resubmit for the Fall grant cycle. New requests will also be welcome for the fall.
Grants awarded:
1. STAIR Annapolis (prior recipient) tables and teaching materials  -Funded at $700   STAIR request was broken down into two parts: $700 for new work tables and $800 for supplies.  The work tables will remain on site and will be used for other purposes.  So, given the number of requests, we are partially funding this request.
2.  Back Creek Conservancy for water monitoring equipment - Funded at $1,250  The committee believes that the work of Conservancy meets the ECA mission and wanted to support their work. 
3.  Annapolis Police Dept-  Funded at $750.  The Police Department submitted two requests and the committee decided to fund the two requests at $750 total and let the police department decide how to best allocate the funds.
4.  Family night dinners for food and drinks (prior recipient) - Funded at $450.  This funding is leveraged with volunteer hours, other monetary and in-kind support from the organizations involved in providing the dinners.

5.  Annapolis Maritime Museum (prior recipient) for summer concert series  Funded at $1,000  Committee supports the mission of AMM and believes the summer concert series is a unique benefit to the community.  The Committee chose to fund at the historical level. 
6. Box of Rain for two part time outreach coordinators  Funded at $1,250.  The request was for two part-time program assistant positions to work with the Eastport public housing developments.  The program assistants would be chosen from the program participants.  The Committee liked the leadership training and mentoring aspects of the proposal.  $1,250 would provide support for one coordinator.
7.  Eastport Elementary (prior recipient) - summer camp for four students - funded at $1,600  The request was to send two 2nd/3rd graders and two 4th/5th graders to camp.  The school sends the students to camp in pairs so they have a buddy.   
8.  ASO to bring the Symphony to Eastport Elementary - $1,000