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The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.


Forest/Drive Eastport Sector Study

In advance of the public hearing scheduled for November 1 regarding the August 31, 2018, Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study Draft (“Sector Study Draft”), ECA has requested that additional information be made available to the public in advance of the meeting in order that it may be a more productive session. Read more.

Information from Alderman Arnett following the October 25 Town Hall meeting | Letter from ECA & ANPF to the Planning Commission

ECA Highlights

ECA Meeting: - January17, 7:30PM

Eastport Fire Department Meeting Hall

Speaker:  Mayor Gavin Buckley 

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Eastport Fire Department Meeting Hall
Coffee at 7 p.m., Meeting at 7:30 p.m

Skipjack Wilma Lee Exhibit
see it before it's gone

Did you know that ECA helped fund the Skipjack exhibit currently at the Annapolis Maritime Museum? This temporary

exhibit celebrates the rich maritime history and heritage of Eastport and Annapolis through the iconic Chesapeake Bay

Skipjack. The exhibit also chronicles the colorful story of the historic Skipjack Wilma Lee, now owned by the Annapolis

Maritime Museum. The exhibit will be on display through December 30. 

Prepare Me Annapolis Mobile App: Notifications of what's affecting the Annapolis area, including severe weather alerts, traffic reports, school & government closings, and more.

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Eastport Parking Report
prepared by Eastport Parking Task Force
October 11, 2018

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Get Your Christmas Crab Compost FROM ANNAPOLIS GREEN

A Great Gift for the Gardener in your Life

The 14.5 tons of crab shells, corn cobs, watermelon rinds, soup bits and other food scraps, trays, cups, soup bowls, paper towels, and cutlery - waste from the Annapolis Rotary Crabfeast last summer - have been composted and is ready for the garden, just in time for the holidays! Pickup will be at several locations from Dec. 7 to 14, including at Diehl’s Produce Market in Eastport, on Saturday, Dec. 8, from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. For more info and to pre-order now online: Composting is a great way to feed the garden and to put Nature's bounty back into the soil, completing the Circle of Life. Click here to learn how to use compost.

The compost sale supports the work of
Annapolis Green to connect, inform, and inspire local residents, organizations, and businesses to care for the environment, live more responsibly and create a more beautiful and thriving community. 

You Ask, We Answer: Live chat on the  Annapolis City website.

ECA Officers and Board Members for 2019

President:  Debra Dillon                         Board Members:                                                 

Vice President: Ben Goldeen                Judy Billage                 Bill Reichhardt

Treasurer:  Holly Foster                         Peter Bittner                Pat Shaughnessy
Secretary:  Diane Butler                        Ben Goldeen               Jackie Wells

Past President:  Vic Pascoe

Report it:  Report street lights out, sidewalks in need of repair, garbage & recycling issues, and more. 

Logo for the Annapolis Report It! service request form
Screen shot of the Prepare Me Annapolis mobile app

ECA Grants Program- Spring Grants Deadline March 15, 2019

The Eastport Civic Association Grants program has been set up to support organizations that improve the quality of life for residents of Eastport.  The funds supporting these grants are the result of the success of our Eastport Home & Garden Tour and the generosity of our residents.  It is incumbent on us as stewards of these funds that they be dispersed in a professional manner.  

If you are interested, apply for an ECA Grant using the online application form.  Your application should be throrough and thoughtful.  We ask that you tell your storry and describe how your program or initiative will benefit the residents and neighbors in our community.  If you've received a grant in the past, your application should report the results of ECA's prior grant award.  

Please note that there is annual $2,500 funding maximum to any one organization.  If you have question, please send an email to  Applications will be notified in a timely manner once a decisions is made.  Read more

The committee is looking for volunteers for the Grants Committee.  If you are interested, send a email to

ECA Grants Awarded in Fall 2018

The ECA awarded grants totaling $6,895 in the Fall of 2018.  The organizations that received the grants are:

  • Annapolis Maritime Museum - $500 to fund gangway building and personal device storage units for the Skipjack Wilma Lee
  • S.T.A.I.R - $760 for materials for the Eastport Community Center program
  • Seeds4Success - $1,500 toward program costs for the Academic and Career Exploration Club for low income high school students
  • St. Luke's Episcopal Church - $2,500 for plantings along the trails that are part of the filtration system for stormwater management
  • Eastport Elementary School - $1,635 for new curtains in the gym/auditorium



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