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The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.


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The New Year Means Time to Renew ECA Dues

ECA members will soon receive the annual membership letter urging you to renew your membership for 2017. We would like to see every resident in Eastport join the ECA so as to keep up with community activities and information.  Dues are $20 per person and $30 per couple. You can renew your membership (and that of your spouse) online. Your membership will enhance our influence on the city council and in other city affairs.


Architecture & Zoning: Eric Pilka, Chair
Communications: Susy Smith, Chair
Eco-Action: Diane Butler, Chair
Grants: Deborah Dillon, Chair

Home & Garden Tour: Holly Foster, Chair
Membership: Jane Lawrence & Dretta Peterson, Chair
Safety: Daniel Orr, Chair

ECA Grants Applications Due March 15, 2017

Proposals are now being accepted for the March 15 deadline of the ECA Grants program. Find out more about the ECA Grants program and application guidelines.

Prepare Me Annapolis Mobile App: Notifications of what's affecting the Annapolis area, including severe weather alerts, traffic reports, school & government closings, and more.

Police Services

Wondering what non-emergency services the Annapolis Police Department offer. You can see the list at One in particular asks for a sign up for the “Annapolis Night Reference and Alarm Registration”. This information will be used by the Annapolis Police Department to make contact when emergencies or problems occur and no one is present at the business or residence. This information may be accessed by the Annapolis Police Department and Annapolis Fire Department, but will not be released to any other entity. You will register your alarm and outdoor security cameras.

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Briefing: Eastport Shopping Center/The Lofts at Eastport Landing

Alderman Ross Arnett held a town hall meeting on February 16, 2017 to hear what Ward 8 residents think about quality of life issues. There was a great turn out and many good ideas were generated and key planning staff from the City attended and heard our concerns directly, including Pete Gutwald, Tom Smith,  and Sally Nash. This town hall meeting came on the heels of a meeting that ECA board members held with the Mayor, Bob Agee and Pete Gutwald (P & Z Director) on January 17, 2017. The meeting on January 17th centered upon the issues of quality of life in Eastport and raised the questions posed in ECA's January 10, 2017 ​letter from the ECA to Mayor Mike Panteliedes (PDF).

A key example of ECA concern regarding planning in the City was discussed at length at that meeting. This project, known as the Lofts at Eastport Landing (a/k/a Eastport Shopping Center) is  getting attention as residents learn more of the details of 127 new apartments proposed. The shopping center is zoned B2 (Commercial/Retail) and not residential.  With the knowledge that Watergate Village is zoned residential and will soon propose adding hundreds of apartments, residents expressed the view that the City needs to go back to the drawing board with traffic, parking and adequate public facilities considerations.

​T​he Annapolis Comprehensive Plan 2009, requires the city to develop, within 3 years, new regulations to replace conventional methods for evaluating a development project's traffic impacts, create a Site Design Manual to replace the outdated 1986 Parking and Landscape manual which calls for 1.4 parking space per residential unit (who owns 1.4 cars?), and spells out the need for 3.2 officers per every one thousand City residents. ​The City has​ not done so.

In addition, the Comprehensive plan designates 4 "opportunity areas" for growth: certain portions of West Annapolis, Bay Ridge, Forest Drive, and Outer West Street. Eastport is notably ​not​ a growth opportunity area but is being treated as a growth opportunity area without the benefit of the requisite sector studies that must be completed before projects are approved.

Next steps for Eastport Shopping Center: (a/k/a Lofts and Eastport Landing):  
When:  March 2, 2017 @ 7:00pm
What:  Planning Commission Work Session
Where: City Hall (160 Duke of Gloucester)

The public is ​encouraged​ to attend​,​ however, they will have no voice --other than their presence-- at this meeting. The developers get to present to the Commissioners and we stay silent.  However, the ​C​ity has promised the citizens their own work session with the Planning Commission (date to be determined) some time before the Planning Commission has the final public hearing and vote.

Notes from Alderman Ross Arnett's Town Hall Meeting on Quality of Life in Eastport

Alderman Ross Arnett helpd a Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, February 16th to discuss "Quality of Life" issues in Eastport. Please review this transcription of the charts with the quality of life factors identified (PDF). The next town hall meeting will be announced soon. To receive updates from Alderman Arnett, send him an email at

You Ask, We Answer: Live chat on the  Annapolis City website.

Volunteers Needed for 2017 Eastport Home & Garden Tour

The 12th Annual Eastport Home and Garden Tour will take place on Sunday, June 11, 2017 from 1:00-5:00 PM. ECA needs volunteers to be writers, marketing coordinators, ad sales, ambassadors and a whole lot more for next year's Home & Garden Tour. Get to know your community and have fun with your neighbors. Contact Holly Foster for more information.

Report it:  Report street lights out, sidewalks in need of repair, garbage & recycling issues, and more. 

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2016 ECA Meetings & Events

Thursday, March 16, 2016

​ECA Meeting

Eastport Elementary School

Refreshments served at 7:00 PM
Meeting begins at 7:30 PM

Thursday, May 18, 2016

​ECA Meeting

Annapolis Maritime Museum

Refreshments served at 7:00 PM
Meeting begins at 7:30 PM