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  • Annual Meeting - November 20
  • General Meeting - January 15

ECA  General MeeTing Highlights

September 18, 2014

AN EasTport Welcome

The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport. 

ECA Committees 

​Thanks to Bill and Michelle Kirby, the new owners of Leeward Market, for providing the delicous sandwiches and yummy chocolate chip cookiesfor the social hour before the meeting. 

ECA members learned more about the two candidates for County Executive, George Johnson - D and Steve
Schuh - R,  during each of their 10 minute presentations as well as the Q& A at the end of the session.   

Janice Hayes-Williams, Historian and Guest Speaker, spoke about the 150 Anniversary of Maryland's Emancipation of Proclamation, which abolished slavery in Maryland.

ECA Board 


We are looking for two volunteers who are interested in joining the ECA Board to replace Elaine Kahn, ECA Board Secretary, and Bill Hunter whose terms end December 2014. 

Board members serve a two year term and provide strategic and financial oversight of the Association.  Board members serve on at least one Committee. 

Click here to learn more about the Board Member responsibilities. 

ECA members approved the formation of the Nominations Committee at the September General Meeting.  This Committee is chaired by Tarry Lomax, ECA Board member. 

If interested in being considered, please contact Tarry Lomax, at 

This Committee also will recommend the slate of Board officers. 

The ECA membership will vote on the Board officers slate and Board Nominees at the November Annual Meeting.