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You can donate to ECA's Worthy Causes. This fund the Grants Committee.  The Grant Committee donated for such as Seeds4Sucess, STAIR Literacy Program, Eastport Elementary School, and many others organizations.

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​​​​​​​​ECA Highlights​​

​Membership Meeting, Thursday, January 19 

Membership Meeting, Thursday, March 16

Membership Meeting, Thursday, May 18

Annual Picnic, Thursday, August 17

Membership Meeting, Thursday, September 21

​Annual Meeting, Thursday, November 16

Membership Meeting
Thursday, January ​​19

Eastport Fire Department Hall, 7:00 PM

Speaker: Melissa Maddox-Evans, Director of HACA

She will be describe the current progress of the Choice Neighborhood initiative, which is a two-yar planning effort to enhance the quality of life for the families live in Eastport Terrace and Harbour House neighborhoods. This is an major development planning effort is taking over a two-year period from April 2022 to April 2024. Funder by a grant from HUD, planners and community are working to re-envision and design, replace and expand multiple housing to Eastport Terrace and Harbour House.

​​Prepare Me Annapolis Mobile App: Notifications of what's affecting the Annapolis area, including severe weather alerts, traffic reports, school & government closings, and more.

Eastport Lofts Apartment

Attorney Heidi Halleck sat down for a 25-minute interview on Zoom to help us understand the status of the Eastport Shopping Center development. She explains the complex back and forth that has taken place since 2018 involving the developer, shopping center owners, and the local residents ("the Petitioners").

Grants Committee

'The Grants applications are due on March 15, . Funds donated by ECA's Worthy Causes.

Grants Guidelines



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Eastport Civic Association
P.O. Box 3539
Annapolis, MD 21403
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AN EasTport Welcome

The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.

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