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AN EasTport Welcome

The ECA is a non-profit, member-based community association.  We engage in activities that improve the quality of life in the Eastport Community and build relationships with our local officials. 

Membership is open to homeowners and renters who reside in Eastport.



January 5: Given the forecasted temperatures, paving will continue to be placed on hold for the foreseeable future. All paving equipment will be removed from the community early next week. BGE will keep in touch and communicate an updated paving schedule as soon as we have improved weather conditions.

See below for information about the paving process in general.


ECA General Membership Meeting

Thursday, January 18, 2018
REFRESHMENTS at 7 p.m., meeting at 7:30 p.m.


Eastport United Methodist Church
926 Bay Ridge Avenue

(next to fire station)

Guest Speaker: Mayor Gavin Buckley

An Amendment was proposed at the November 2017 meeting, and will be voted on at the January 2018 meeting, to change the catchment area of ECA. The new catchment area will include the neighborhoods "between the creeks." 

During the last several months, the ECA Board has considered whether the ECA's boundaries should be changed. After having heard questions from some residents about the boundaries as described in the current Bylaws, and reviewing the newly expanded school district for the Eastport Elementary School, the Board recommends expanding the ECA's catchment area.

The proposed new catchment area as described in a revised Bylaws Article III and Figure 1 includes the Eastport peninsula between Spa Creek, Back Creek, and the Severn River. It is an amalgam of the new Eastport Elementary School boundary (which includes part of Ward 6) and all of Ward 8. The draft Bylaw change (a redlined version of the proposed change will be distributed at the meeting):
Article III - Area
Eastport, the area of concern to the Association, is hereby defined as the area of the Eastport peninsula between Spa Creek, Back Creek, and the Severn River, as shown on Figure1 and described as follows: 
The area is bounded by the Severn River, Spa Creek to Truxtun Park Road and Primrose Road to Hilltop Lane (including the west side only), Hilltop Lane from Primrose Road to Elliott Road (including the north side only), Tyler Avenue from Elliott Road to Bay Ridge Avenue (including the north side only), Bay Ridge Avenue from Tyler Avenue to Timber Creek Drive (including the west side only), and a line extending Timber Creek Drive to Back Creek, then Back Creek to the Severn River.

See a map.


Time to Renew ECA Dues

ECA members will soon receive the annual membership letter urging you to renew your membership for 2018.  We would like to see every resident in Eastport join the ECA so as to keep up with community activities and information.  
Dues are $20 per person and $30 per couple. You can renew your membership(s) online here or bring a check to the January 18 General Membership meeting or send your check to Eastport Civic Association, PO Box 3539, Annapolis, MD 21403.
Your membership in the ECA will keep you better informed and will enhance our influence on the city council and in other city affairs. Tell your friends and neighbors about the ECA, invite them to the meetings, and encourage them to join the ECA! If you have a new neighbor, send a note to Megan Shaughnessey who will deliver an ECA welcome bag.  



We will keep you updated on the paving project as information is available. With the bad weather coming, schedules will probably be affected.

BGE Paving Process:

Patching and Paving
- In areas where work has been ongoing, street excavations have been steel-plated or temporarily patched with asphalt (patches are often painted with “BGE” in white to signify that they will be restored by BGE).
     - The purpose of this initial patch, which might not be as smooth as the final road surface, is to close the excavation and enable the roadway to be used before the final restoration is complete.

- In preparation for final restoration, crews remove the temporary patches and install a smoother patch with clean edges.
     - This may be the final step in the process in some cases where patching has not been extensive.

- In areas where there are a significant number of patches in close proximity to each other, the patches will be joined together with a mill overlay process (top layer of asphalt is removed) and repaved to local municipality standards.
- Please note that BGE will repair trenches first to avoid sunken road conditions.
Road Closures
- While road closures may be required during the paving process, every effort will be made to conduct repairs on one street at a time in an effort to minimize disruptions.
- We will continue to provide you with regular weekly updates regarding road closures.
Temperature and Completion Time
- Asphalt production and paving requires temperatures above freezing for several days at a time.
     - In cooler months, final paving does not take place until a minimum temperature is reached to ensure proper road resurfacing.
- Paving will generally take place during the hours of 8am-5pm.
- Final paving and completion of this project is weather dependent and may continue into the Spring 2018.


Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study

The Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study is in its second phase. So far, the City has heard from hundreds of Annapolitans about what issues they see on Forest Drive and in Eastport. Now they will move on to policy identification.

You can stay updated on the status of the Forest Drive / Eastport Sector Study by visiting, and even post comments on the process itself, or any other concerns/thoughts related to the sector study at the City’s open forum: The sector study webpage is regularly updated each week as meetings occur and milestones are reached.

The policy identification phase, the second step in the process, has so far involved synthesizing all of the input gathered to inform the work conducted by each member of the planning team. Lists of issues as direct comments by theme (mobility, land use, etc.) have been assembled to begin identifying specific solutions that could apply broadly and to localized problems alike. The collection of input has helped shape the second community survey, where respondents make a series of choices for mobility, land use, environmental, and other policies/actions, that the City is currently accepting responses for. Take the survey.

For questions, please contact Sally Nash at or 410-260-2200.

Background: The City held a Planning Commission Work Session on the Forest Drive/Eastport Sector Study on November 2. Several ECA members attended to hear about the status of the study and the questions by the Planning Commissioners. The ECA is sending some questions to the Commissioners suggesting they be used in the work session, and asking for a public work session in which we can participate. In addition, ECA sent a letter to the Planning Commission with observations, questions and suggestions. Read it here.  A second open house public meeting was held on December 12.



Alderman Arnett wants to make sure that all interested residents know the current status of the debated density of the proposed Eastport Shopping Center proposal. There are three density appeals being considered, one appeal by Alderman Arnett. The appeals challenge the determination made by Planning and Zoning Director Peter Gutwald. The challenges currently rest with the Board of Appeals, which is expected to hold a hearing on November 8 at 7:30 p.m. No public testimony or comment will be taken on November 8. If the appeals are not dismissed when the Board of Appeals meets in private on November 9, the appeals will proceed to a hearing on the merits at a date set by the Board of Appeals that is likely to be in 2018. The detailed process to be followed was laid out by Mr. Fred Sussman, Appeals Board attorney advisor. Click here for Mr. Sussman’s directive.

Alderman Arnett has also summarized the background on the density calculation issue. He has worked with the Ward 8 community in town hall meetings and ECA general meetings to try to understand the size of the Solstice Partners proposal, the traffic impacts, and the relationship of the proposal to city codes. Alderman Arnett concluded, over this last year, that the density calculation being used by the developers permitted more apartments and a larger development than the City Code permits. He describes the methods and the reason for his appeal and that of the Concerned Citizens. He says, “I believe that as a quasi-legislative branch of the City government, it is the duty of the City Council Members to monitor and act as checks and balances on the operation of the executive operations (Planning Department) of City government. Click here to read Alderman Arnett’s full statement.

Redistricting Plan for Annapolis Elementary and Middle Schools

This spring, the Board of Education approved a sweeping redistricting plan for the Annapolis Peninsula, changing attendance boundaries for eight of the Annapolis cluster’s nine elementary schools and both of its middle schools - including Eastport - to better utilize space in facilities across the peninsula, reduce overcrowding issues, and establish a more neighborhood feel to school attendance areas. See a map of the new attendance areas for EES (PDF). The communities of Harbour House, Eastport terrace, Colony Hills, Parkwood/Springdale, Severn House, Fairview, August Woods and Spa Cove will attend Eastport Elementary as of this fall. We will have many more "walkers" with this neighborhood consolidation. Street and Sidewalk safety issues will develop as a result. Have a street, sidewalk, intersection, etc, of concern? Respond to the survey and get your views known now. Share this survey with friends and neighbors!

Eastport Scavenger Hunt

Come and step into history with this fun, free scavenger hunt in Eastport. It's fun for the whole family. Download this walking guide (PDF) and start hunting!

    BOARD MEMBERS & OFFICERS                                    ECA COMMITTEE CHAIRS

     President: Vic Pascoe                                                                                        Architecture & Zoning: Ben Goldeen
     Vice President: Diane Butler                                                                              Communications: Marie King
     Treasurer: Debbie Dillon                                                                                     Eco-Action: Diane Butler
     Secretary: Jackie Wells                                                                                      Grants: Deborah Dillon
     Member #1: Judith Billage                                                                                   Home & Garden Tour: Mike Leonard
     Member #2: Daniel Orr                                                                                        Membership: Jane Lawrence
     Member #3: Holly Foster                                                                                     Nominating: Being formed
     Member #4: Ben Goldeen                                                                                   Safety: Daniel Orr
     Member #5: Pat Shaughnessy
     Immediate Past President: Marcia Marshall