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Unity Day

The 2017 Eastport Unity Day Picnic took place on Saturday, August 26, from noon to 5 p.m. at Eastport Terrace/Harbour House at the corner of President and Madison Streets. The event  included music, food, pool, and fun for kids.


2016 Unity Day was a big success with a very good turn out. The weather cooperated and the​re was a lot of good food,​ and​ the live and disco ​music were great. This year's event was held at Eastport Terrace/Harbour House. ​An all volunteer group​, including Jane Lawrence, Babe Feldman, Dick and Dretta Peterson, Diane Butler, Marj Spahn, Marcia Marshall, Sue Lynch, Su​s​y and Terry Smith, and Vic Pascoe​, made serving so many kids and adults possible​. 
Food donations were generously made by Davis’ Pub. Many thanks to Paul Dizebba, Manager, who gave us over 350 each of hot dogs and hamburgers.  Thanks Paul!
Kids enjoyed a moon bounce and the swimming pool was open to everyone. 
Next year’s event will be in June, so stay on the lookout for dates as they are announced.

Held annually, Unity Day is a​ partnership between ECA and Harbour House and is an opportunity for residents living in ​the​ surrounding neighborhood to join together for food, music and community. Thanks to donations and a lot of home cooking, this is​ a free event.