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Adam's Ribs PRoject

424-428 Fourth Street

Adam's Ribs is proposing a 77-seat restaurant on 424 Fourth Street with shared parking with the building next door.  The plan calls for demolishing the existing structure at 424 Fourth and replace it with a new structure in essentially the same footprint.  The structure will include a standard restaurant with 77 seats and a bar, with two dwellings in the rear.  In addition, 1,331 square feet of office use on the 
second floor of structure at 428 Fourth Street will be converted to a dwelling unit.
In connection with the redevelopment, the existing lot will be reconfigured and
reoriented to provide 28 parking spaces and a 10 foot landscaped buffer at the

rear of the site.


Landscape Plan

ETRAKIT.annapolis.gov - Search for ADM 2017-003 and APL 2017-007

Board of Appeals Decision

On December 5, 2017, the City Board of Appeals held a public hearing on the request for shared parking on property located at 424-428 Fourth Street. The property owners were appealing a decision by the City Planning and Zoning Director Pete Gutwald that denied the request for shared parking. Despite this being advertised as a “Public Hearing,” the members of public in attendance were denied the right to present public testimony and documentation supporting Mr. Gutwald’s decision. The Board of Appeals voted to overturn the decision and therefore allow shared parking with 31 parking spaces for a 77-seat restaurant.

Several Eastport residents spoke before the City Council at the January 8 meeting and had a meeting on January 19 with the Mayor, acting City Attorney (at the time) Gary Elson, and the City Manager to express their belief that not allowing testimony was a violation of due process. This week, the Board of Appeals met and voted to reconsider, for the purpose of taking public testimony. According to Mr. Elson, “The motion that was approved to is hear public testimony. The motion allows the Board to reconsider its decision. It does not require that. The decision was not vacated, but it will be reconsidered based on public testimony. The Board members participating would decide whether or not to revise their initial deliberations and original vote based on the public testimony and any rebuttal provided by the applicant.” Information is on the eTRAKIT.annapolis.gov website – search for ADM 2017-003 and APL2017-007.